Code of Conduct

As an international association, EURANIMI finds it very important that all EU competition rules are strictly observed at all times and in all circumstances within the association’s activities. By adhering to EURANIMI, every member and each participant recognizes that:

  1. She/he is familiar with the EU competition rules and the restrictions they impose.
  2. She/he is aware that infringements of the competition rules can cause great damage to EURANIMI and its members.
  3. She/he acts and will act in the future in accordance with the EU competition rules, especially during and around the meetings and gatherings of EURANIMI.

This includes:

  • not saying anything about the market behaviour of her/his organisation (company or group of companies).
  • reacting negatively when other members talk about their market behaviour.
  • reporting to the Executive Committee of EURANIMI in case she/he observes that these agreements are not complied with.

Every member of EURANIMI is aware that involvement in breaches of EU competition rules is a basis for exclusion from membership of EURANIMI.