Who are we?

EURANIMI is a Brussels-based association of European companies, all strictly independent of any stainless steel or metal producers, and dealing with the import of stainless steel, aluminium and other metals.

Our task is the representation of the business interests of our members on European level, especially in the areas of international trade, customs, taxation and anti-trust.

What do we want?

In our world of steel and metal, there is more than producers and manufacturers. The “middle of the supply chain”, the distributors – stockholders, processors and traders – are of paramount importance.

We want to ensure that our voices are heard in Brussels, and our interests preserved. Whenever possible, with prior consultation and advice. Whenever necessary, with legal actions.

How do we work?

As an association based on cost-sharing, we form a large, strong, relevant platform to efficiently act together, guided by the most expert lawyers, for the best interests of the independent European stainless steel and metal distributors – stockholders, processors, or traders.

EURANIMI is managed by two multi-lingual association professionals, Rob Greve (NL) and Christophe Lagrange (B) totalling 4 decades of general management experience in European national steel distribution associations.

Consulting and support
Prevention and information
Active legal action

Why you should join!

Acting together within one large European association achieves much more than standing alone. Not only to spread (legal) costs across multiple companies sharing the same interests, but also to improve the quality and the efficiency of the exchange of information and the defence actions. On top, our membership fees are very mild !

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