The EC’s anti-circumvention probe involving stainless steel coldrolled coil and sheets imports from Taiwan, Türkiye, and Vietnam ended with much less impact than anticipated reports SMR’s Stainless Club in its online newsletter. “We are relieved by the results as many producers from those three countries will remain accessible for European importers, while usually, those investigations lead not only to doors but also windows shutting down,” Christophe Lagrange (Executive Board Member at EURANIMI) told SMR.

The EC plans to impose AD on SSCR imports from Taiwan and Vietnam and CVD on imports from all three countries, but many exporting producers will be exempted from these duties. Hence, the announcement has been met with relief by importers, who anticipate continued access to key suppliers. The news might upset the European producers, though, who have been waiting for a demand recovery to increase sales and hoping for imports to continue staying out of their way as it has been in recent months. The investigation has been one of the important factors limiting the import inflow in the EU and one of the bargaining chips for producers in attempts to increase prices.

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SMR Stainless Club
5 March 2024